The Seventeenth Asian Test Symposium
November 24-27, 2008, Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo, Sapporo, JAPAN

Message to attendants of ATS 2008 from local arrangement chairs.

Message to attendants of ATS 2008 from local arrangement chairs

Sapporo has already become winter from autumn season since Nov.4. Now, it is snow and cold in Sapporo. The maximum temperature will be 5 centigrade and the minimum one will be -2 centigrade in your stay.

When you walk along the outside of a building, the followings are required: a coat, a muffler, a glove and an umbrella. Boots may not be necessary, but shoes with a thick bottom are suitable for walking around in Sapporo. You can buy them in the Chitose airport and in department stores inside the Sapporo station. Please visit to the following web page introducing Climate and Clothes in Sapporo.

On the other hand, it is comfortable in the ATS08 conference site, Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo, since good air conditioners work. You will be able to spend with a thin sweater inside the hotel. If you wear thick dress in the conference site, you will feel that it is very hot. We recommend you to bring a thin sweater for spending in the conference site.

We hope to see you in Sapporo, soon.

H. Yotsuyanagi and M. Hashizume, Local Arrangement Chairs

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